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Dr. Eric Whitiker of CPASS Foundation

Dr. Eir Whitiker, a self-proclaimed South Sider by birth and by choice. Dr. Whitiker is Chairman of the CPASS Foundation which recently launched an online data base that will help Illinoisans connect with STEM opportunities in their communities

New Shared Kitchen Space Will Provide Diverse Dining Options

For years, the president of the Bronzeville Culinary Kitchen, Shelby Parchman, has been involved in economic development and business planning in Chicago and through his work, he came to realize that there was a lack of opportunities for chefs and ...

Greater Chatham Initiative Hosts Greater Chatham Strong Fundraising Gala

The Greater Chatham Initiative recently hosted their inaugural fundraising gala, Greater Chatham Strong, at Stony Island Arts Bank.

Movie Maker Mondays Teach Fundamentals Of Screenwriting And Filmmaking

Eunice Smith, director of operations for Contexture Media Network recently sat down with Conversations With The Citizen to discuss their upcoming event to be held in Chatham.

Local Activist Aims To Replace Guns With Hammers To Reduce Gun Violence

A local activist, Demetrius Nash, recently founded the nonprofit organization Replace Guns WIth Hammers as a way to reduce violence in Chicago's most underserved communities. The goal of the organization is to give young men an opportunity to work on ...

Local author D. A. Rhodes

Local author D. A. Rhodes recently released her newest novel The Day Hate Stood Still. The much-anticipated sequel to her first published novel, Why?, is set in 1980’s Chicago, a time when Harold Washington was becoming the city’s first African ...

Southside Neighbors For Hope

Nearly a dozen residents from several of the communities surrounding Jackson Park recently came together to organize Southside Neighbors For Hope (SSN4H), an advocacy group in favor of the Obama Presidential Center (OPC) coming to the park. Erin Adams, co-founder ...

Annual #Goalgether Conference

Afenya Montgomery, the founder of the iCAN Collective, will hosts the 2018 #GoalGetHer Conference on Nov. 16 to 17 at The Connection, 4321 S. Cottage Grove, in Bronzeville. The annual conference celebrates diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and features inspirational ...

Chicago Football Classic 2018 Wrap Up and Future Goals

Citizen Newspapers recently hosted Chicago Football Classic Co-Founder Larry Huggins. Huggins sat down with the Citizen to discuss the CFC Scholarship Fund 2018 wrap up and the future goals for 2019. During Huggins Conversation with the Citizen, he spoke on ...

Englewood Public Safety Taskforce

The Englewood Public Safety Taskforce recently announced that they were awarded a $953,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). The grant will be dispersed over three years and will assist with researching and ...