Michael A. Grant

Michael A. Grant

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Michael Grant Resigns from National Bankers Association to Lead Regional Mortgage Banking Office and Launch National Speaking Tour

Grant is launching out with a vision that was strongly articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had begun leading an economic justice campaign after the passage of the civil rights and voting rights acts. “It seems to me that the only way that we can finally close the gap and make the pledge that we say when we’re saluting the flag - ‘one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all’ - the only way that we can make that a reality is for Black Americans to take financial control of our destiny so that we’re not walking around with a feeling of entitlement or the belief that somebody else is going to provide health, education and welfare for our people,” says Grant. “Nobody is going to do that for us but us... The thought leaders in our race whether in Africa or the Caribbean or in America, they’re pretty much getting on the same page. Economic empowerment is where we’ve got to be.