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Phillips Academy Football Names State Champions

“Congratulations to Wendell Phillips Academy High School for winning their second state football championship in three seasons! The Wildcats’ success on the field is matched only by the academic strides Phillips Academy students have made in the classroom said Mayor ...

Lansing Resident, Elvis Slaughter, Releases New Book

The book can be used as a tool l for helping young people who are considered “at-risk” for delinquency or who have committed a delinquent offense. It can also be used as a resource for parents, teachers, and law enforcement ...

Dolton 149 School District Lowers Property Tax Levy

“Back in the spring of 2016, the school board took advantage of lower interest rates and decided to restructure some existing, long-term Dolton 149 bond debt, enabling the board to reduce the new property tax levy that pays for that ...

Irvin C. Mollison Elementary Holds Meeting to Address Rodent Problem

It’s not un-normal for a school not to pass an inspection from the health department. I found out probably a day after the failed inspection,” said Martin Miller, facility manager for Mollison, who added, the school passed a city inspection ...

Apostolic Faith Church Opens New Facility

Apostolic Faith Church held an opening service for its new 3,000 seat worship complex on Nov. 26. The space has been designed to support and improve the community and the lives of Chicago residents.

Money is Transforming from Cash to Digital: Don’t Get Lost in the Change

Welcome to the world of Digital Money where frictionless, seamless transfers are the aspiration and keeping safe identities is the challenge

Shedd Aquarium Wreath-Cycled Classroom Challenge

“We want them to design a fun, creative way to not only impact their classroom directly, but to also think about the choices they make every day and the impact [their choices] have on the environment,” Schneider said.

Past Construction Worker Opens Ariel Joseph Art Gallery & Salon

A knee injury on the job helped Lynch grow closer to his passion for art and see it as a blessing that could now be used for his next career.

Alderman Michelle Harris Supports City’s Emergency Heating Repair Program

“It’s already November, and we all know that the temperature has been steadily dropping in Chicago,” Harris said. “This means the cold winter winds are not far behind as we enter the final months of the year.”

Michael Grant Resigns from National Bankers Association to Lead Regional Mortgage Banking Office and Launch National Speaking Tour

Grant is launching out with a vision that was strongly articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had begun leading an economic justice campaign after the passage of the civil rights and voting rights acts. “It seems to me ...

Kelly Price Finds Love After Divorce, Expands Her Entertainment Enterprise

Kelly Price is more than a phenomenally gifted singer and songwriter; she is a brilliant businesswoman with a global vision. I’m both humbled and excited about being a part of the team that will expand her brand and help her ...

Crushers Club Reshapes Englewood Men

“The Club is youth operated with 22 young men on the payroll and six on the leadership program,” Hazelgrove said. “This place is a way for them to stay safe, out of trouble and to find their purpose. Our number ...

Pullman Community Unveils Students Mural

The mural was designed by re-known Chicago artist Rahmaan Statik, who said the project is now a Pullman community landmark that was filled with a community engagement component of students working on a very organic level.

The Village of Flossmoor Hosts Annual Winterfest Celebration

There is a beautiful 30-foot evergreen tree right in Floosmoor Park,” said Laura Brennan-Levy, program and event coordinator for the Village of Flossmoor. “We worked with the park district and the fire department for electricity and decided it was a ...

South Suburban College Dedicates 90-Year Anniversary Display

“The general legacy of the college has just been making education accessible to the community. When this college was started, college was only for the wealthy,”Robinette said. “As one of the first community colleges, we brought in the idea that ...