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PUSH Holds 45th Annual Convention

PUSH "A More Perfect Union

France Seeks EU Security Aid, Launches New Airstrikes on ISIS

PARIS— France made an unprecedented demand Tuesday that its European Union allies support its military action against the Islamic State group after the attacks in Paris — a request that came as France launched new airstrikes on the militants' stronghold ...

Kenyan airstrikes hit suspected militant camps in Somalia

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- Kenyan warplanes bombed militant camps in Somalia, officials said Monday, following a vow by President Uhuru Kenyatta to respond "in the fiercest way possible" to a massacre of college students by al-Shabab extremists.

Obama's quest for Iran deal set to collide with Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON (AP) — After securing a surprisingly broad and detailed framework for a nuclear agreement with Iran, President Barack Obama must now subject his signature foreign policy pursuit to the gauntlet of partisan American politics.

Michelle Obama navigates limits on women in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — For first lady Michelle Obama, just a few hours in Saudi Arabia were enough to illustrate the stark limitations under which Saudi women live.

Dwindling group of survivors to mark Auschwitz 70 years on

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — A decade ago, 1,500 Holocaust survivors traveled to Auschwitz to mark the 60th anniversary of the death camp's liberation. On Tuesday, for the 70th anniversary, organizers are expecting 300, the youngest in their 70s.

Survivors of Nigeria attack describe killings

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — Survivors of an assault by Islamic militants that killed a large number of civilians in Nigeria have described days of relentless violence in which, one witness said, some people were slaughtered "like insects."

Hong Kong protesters choose to remain in Admiralty encampments

HONG KONG, (UPI) -- Leaders of Hong Kong's student protest movement have decided to remain in street encampments, setting up the potential for conflict with police attempting to clear protest sites.

The U.S. Responds to Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa in March 2014, the United States has mounted a whole-of-government response to contain and eliminate the epidemic at its source, while also taking prudent measures at home. The President ...

Pro-democracy protests expand in Hong Kong

HONG KONG (AP) — Pro-democracy protesters, some wearing surgical masks and holding up umbrellas to protect against tear gas, expanded their rallies throughout Hong Kong on Monday, defying calls to disperse in a major pushback against Beijing's decision to limit ...

Iraq: Al-Maliki steps down, gives up post to rival

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's embattled Nouri al-Maliki has stepped down as prime minister, caving in to international and domestic pressure to give up his post to a rival politician.

Israel-Hamas truce sets stage for talks on Gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel and Hamas began observing a temporary cease-fire on Tuesday that sets the stage for talks in Egypt on a broader deal on the Gaza Strip, including a sustainable truce and the rebuilding of ...

Student group calls for public flogging of Iranian actress for kissing Cannes Film Festival president

TEHRAN, (UPI) --Iranian actress Leila Hatami should be publicly flogged for kissing Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob on the cheek, the Hizbullah Students organization argued in a petition to Iran's judiciary.

Report estimates 33.3 million internally displaced people

GENEVA, Switzerland, May 16 (UPI) --Violent conflicts forced approximately 33.3 million people to become internally displaced by the end of 2013, says a United Nations-backed report. According to the "Global Overview 2014," a report released Wednesday by the United Nations ...

Iran claims to have copied U.S. drone

TEHRAN, May 12 (UPI) --Iran announced on Sunday that it has copied a U.S. drone "commandeered" in 2011. The RQ-170 Sentinel drone, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, was allegedly "brought down by the Iranian Armed Forces' electronic warfare unit" in December ...