Barbie® Brand Reveals Most Diverse Ken® Lineup To Date

In 2016, Barbie introduced three new Barbie body types – tall, curvy and petite – along with new skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles and countless on-trend fashions and accessories. The Barbie brand has always reflected the times, so modernizing Ken ...

Wearing Your Beauty Boldly, Black Women Share Sisterhood on Gele Day

Since its 2012 inaugural, Gele Day has been a peaceful morning and afternoon of mini workshops that foster cultural awareness and self-care to the disenfranchised, trauma-impacted south side communities of Chicago in a fun, family-friendly environment.

FRANKLIN EUGENE SUNLIT Collection Showcased During Milan Fashion Week

“This collection was inspired by our bright morning star at the center of our solar system tem that is an important source of energy for life, our sun. This collection is all about rays of light, transparency, and a lightness ...

Film Seeks to Change How Women & Girls See Themselves

Dove research shows 71% of women and 67% of girls wish media did a better job of portraying women of diverse physical appearance - age, race, shape and size. With Real Beauty Productions, Dove is setting out to change that.

Did You Know Your Eye Makeup Could Be Making You Sick?

“Every year, many women end up with eye infections from cosmetics,” warns the University of Rochester Medical Center. “In rare cases, women have been temporarily or permanently blinded by an eye cosmetic, according to the FDA.”

Play All Day in Lands’ End Kids’ Swimwear

The entire Lands’ End Kids’ swim collection features UPF 50 sun protection and leading fabric technology that make each suit durable for the action-filled lives of children – whether it’s a backyard playdate or beachside getaway.

Full Grain Leather Wallets for Women Launched

The strap closure allows for extra security and the wallet stays snug and closed. The wallets are built for maximum safety and organization of cash and cards. It is perfect for casual use when paying bills or picking up groceries, ...

Fashion Event Helps Fight Homelessness

Attend Handbags for Homes on June 22nd for a fun night of fashion, food, and friends, while preventing and ending homelessness in Chicago.

Fashion tips that help make a statement

Fashion is not just the clothes, the hair, the shoes or the accessories; fashion is every little element combined that makes “the look.” Makeup is one of those crucial elements that can make or break your desired look. While going ...

Next Level of Gentlemen’s Sneakers by RUBIROSA

Flavio Agosti, the co-founder of RUBIROSA, recently announced a men’s shoe that helps the wearer relax and move better either at home or on-the-go by combining comfort and high quality in line with the ability to correctly secure the shoe ...

Learn to Look Like a Star Regardless of Your Body Type

The popularity of cosmetic procedures clearly illustrates how unsatisfied many women are with their bodies, but what if a few simple style tips could transform you into becoming more confident and attractive? Internationally celebrated wedding dress designer and author Rani ...

FashionMia updates its latest collections in the women’s clothing line

FashionMia, the leading online fashion store that prides itself in some of the trendiest collections of fashion clothing and accessories is filled with the hottest trends of the season for women at unbelievably affordable prices.

King And Moschino Partner To Launch Sweet Candy Crush Capsule Collection

In partnership with Moschino, King—a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world— and the acclaimed creative director Jeremy Scottare coming together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Candy Crush franchise, one of the world’s most popular mobile games.

AfricanAncestry.com Traces the Roots of Leading Black Fashion Influencers

Ever wonder why you navigate towards certain colors, shapes or textures? Do you have a flair for unique, unexpected fashion pairings? Well, guess what? It might just be in your DNA.

Local Designer Presents “Brave is Beautiful” fashion to support Domestic Violence Families

When the models of the “Br ave is Beautiful” fashion show walk the runway at Wine Women & Shoes on May 6 at Ravinia Festival, they will not only be wearing the unique silk, denim, and lace creations of Lake ...