Joshua C. Shelton, Sr., Chicago Police Department’s youngest faith-based liaison brings compassion and grace to tough job through seminary training

4/25/2018, noon | Updated on 4/25/2018, noon
Officer Joshua Shelton, 33, remembers the time he saw his first homicide victim. It was a young, black male who ...
Joshua C. Shelton, Sr.

The Northern Seminary Masters in Urban Leadership program helps students build on a foundation of biblical knowledge, theology, and church history, and the history of the urban church in America. Leading practitioners in urban ministry train students in preaching, evangelism, conflict mediation, and pastoral care. Classes are held at the former Hirsch High School in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.

“The South Side Center strengthens pastors and church leaders who are already transforming lives through the power of the gospel and the ministry of the local church. Northern Seminary walks beside them as mutual encouragers: providing biblical training, a network of community support, and curriculum written for the South Side,” said Northern Seminary President Dr. William D. Shiell, Ph.D. “This unique program has been developed, taught, and led by pastors and professors with experience in South Side ministry. Our students are already engaged practitioners who love Jesus and love people. We are privileged to partner with them to help them fulfill their call and change our community.”

Officer Shelton said he is proud to be an ‘ambassador’ for Northern Seminary’s urban program. “It has helped me deal with the conflicts between God’s law and man’s law everyday as a police officer. ...You look at people as who they are, because that’s how God sees us.”