Chicago Public Library To Commemorate The Life Of Mayor Harold Washington

4/4/2018, noon | Updated on 4/4/2018, noon

Chicago Public Library To Commemorate The Life Of Mayor Harold Washington

Chicago Public Library will host a program to discuss the new documentary film titled Punch 9--Harold Washington for Chicago at Harold Washington Library. The program will take place at 6 pm on Monday, April 16 in the Cindy Pritzker Auditorium.

A group of middle school students from Whitney M. Young Magnet

High School’s Academic Center have produced a ten-minute History Fair film on Harold Washington.

The program will begin with a showing of their film and a very brief

discussion with the students before transitioning into the main program. The main program includes a showing of the Punch 9 trailer and a

panel of Punch 9’s production team discussing the process and progress of their documentary project.

“Mayor Harold Washington was a trailblazer and a visionary, and his legacy lives on not only across the Chicago streets, schools, and parks that bear his name, but in the inspiration and idealism he instilled in generations of Chicagoans,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I want to thank both these young students and the adults for producing these great documentaries, and recognizing a leader who proudly fought for justice, equity and a brighter future for every resident in every community in Chicago.”

Harold Washington made history in 1983 when he was elected as

the first African American Mayor in Chicago. He challenged the status quo in City Hall, which many didn’t agree with. He faced many challengers along the way, but his strong resilience and optimism eventually led him to the role of Mayor. The documentary will showcase various aspects of

Washington’s political journey including the battles he had to fight and his lasting influence.

The event is presented in commemoration of the legacy of Mayor Harold Washington and in partnership with the Mayor Harold Washington Legacy Committee, The HistoryMakers, Chicago Urban League and local scholars.

For more information, please visit www. chipublib.bibliocommons.com.