9/19/2017, 10:40 a.m. | Updated on 9/19/2017, 10:40 a.m.
Screaming, Shouting and Laughter for all who are willing to experience their worst nightmares of loom. Just in time for ...


Enter the Dungeon of Doom: Featuring “Buried Dead or Alive,” “The Sacrifice – Tomb of Doom” and More New Attractions

(ZION, IL) – Dungeon of Doom, the leading haunted attraction in the Midwest, is out for more blood as they prepare to kick off the Halloween season of fear. Dungeon of Doom is back and ready to deliver a bone chilling experience that is out of this world. Those willing to sacrifice it all will have the opportunity to endure this haunting experience September 23 - November 4 in Zion, IL (less than an hour drive from Chicago and Milwaukee). General admission tickets start at $25 and for those looking for the ultimate adventure, VIP and season passes are also available online.

Dungeon of Doom has amped-up their technology, theatrics, special effects and killer team to inflict an hour of horror and terror as attendees travel through 42,000 square feet of pure chaos. With new and improved attractions and a chance to be buried alive, this is the place where nightmares loom.

“We are committed to making even the bravest of the bunch quiver in fear as they step inside the grounds of the Dungeon. From perfecting all of the theatrics, compiling a killer team, or implementing the latest in scare technology, we ensure that each visitor is entering the depths of their worst nightmare,” says Peter Koklamanis, co-owner of Dungeon of Doom.

The Dungeon of Doom offers various attractions as well as an experience nearly three times longer than other haunts priced similarly. Attractions include:

· NEW! The Sacrifice – Tomb of Doom is an exclusive new attraction of pure chaos that will immerse attendees into an evil temple. The deep underground damp and cold surroundings of huge rock formations is watched by elusive guarded Warriors. When entering its Sanctuary a massive ancient Monster surprises thrill-seekers.

· Buried Dead or Alive, a patented horror experience, gives thrill-seekers the chance to see if they can withstand the claustrophobic scare sensation of being buried alive or they must risk having to join the rotting ranks of the buried dead! A test of bravery and sanity, Buried Dead or Alive can only be experienced at the Dungeon of Doom.

· Escape Room attendees are trapped in a Time Machine and within 45 minutes they must break out to a new world to save time and humanity. Escape Room is sold as a separate add-on ticket experience.

· The Killer Crew is like no other and aims to terrify even the most daring of souls. Attendees will have the chance to meet these menaces of the masses including Chaoss, Im’ma Cutter, Recktal Trauma, Beast, Shank the Clown and many more!

· Hades Boiler Room is a place where scare-enthusiasts can encounter industrial-grade terror in the shadowy depths of their worst nightmares. This hellish sub-level amid a maze of bursting corroded pipes drip water as pressure gauges indicate an impending explosion of boiling death just waiting to steam-cook anyone at any moment.

· Slaughter House Mania is a gory gallery of butchered flesh and dead carcasses where participants are at risk of ending up on the chopping block! The only thing more terrifying than the sharp meat hooks, bone saws and razor-sharp cleavers found here are the man-eating killers who wield these deadly weapons.

Dungeon of Doom opens its gates of hell to those who dare to endure one of the most terrifying attractions Chicago and Milwaukee has to offer. Many brave souls have entered looking for scares, only to exit a shell of the person they once were. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit www.dungeonofdoom.com/