Spencer Leak, Sr. honored at St. Andrew Temple

10/4/2017, noon | Updated on 10/4/2017, noon

Spencer Leak, Sr. honored at St. Andrew Temple

Spencer Leak, Sr., president/CEO, A.R. Leak & Sons Funeral Home, was honored on September 24, 2017, during the “Faith and Friendly” Day at the St. Andrew Temple, 1743 W. Marquette.

Bishop Edgar Jackson, who is a member of St. Andrew Temple, said the “Faith and Friendly” Day honored three historic men: the late Rev. Dr. S.B. Fuller, Rev. Dr. C.E. King, who once headed the church and Leak for their service to the community and for their business acumen.

Bishop Jackson, a co-chair of the “Friendly and Family Day” Committee, said, “These three men came together” and provided the community with goods and services in a powerful way.

The bishop said the Fuller products continue under Mr. Joe Dudley who owns beauty salons and a beauty college. Rev. King, he said, “Made his money working with Standard Oil.” While all three were and are wealthy, Bishop Jackson said they never stop giving back to the community.

While Fuller and King have passed, Bishop Jackson said they remain a “rich legacy” to the St. Andrew Temple especially Leak who also has a radio show entitled, “It’s

Time Truth Speaks” which is the same title of his book.

Leak has a reputation of absorbing the costs of funerals for indigent people and for supporting community organizations.

Leak is the son of the late Rev. A.R. Leak (1908-1993) and mother, the late Dottie Leak (1907-1992). Married nearly a half century to Henrietta, he is the father of three sons, Spencer, Jr., Stephen and Stacy.