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3/8/2017, noon | Updated on 3/8/2017, noon
When you spend enough time with people, one of the things you might come to realize is that we are ...
Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells

weekly Inspirations

By Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells

When you spend enough time with people, one of the things you might come to realize is that we are naturally wired to strive, grow, and do better.

Whether it is in a kindergarten classroom, a hospital examination room, or a family living room, we want to be better, even if we do not quite understand how to become better.

This internal drive is part of the eternal beauty that is baked into the incredible way we are made. Yet, in life, there are some things we must work for and there are some things that we must wait for.

Either way, we have an obligation to begin each day with dedication, if you want to end each day with satisfaction.

It is important to know where and how to direct your dedication.

The direction of your dedication will likely influence how you use your internal power.

You can remain dedicated to whom you used to be and allow your past to be the predictor of your future or you can commit to learning something new every day.

Dedication to improving yourself daily precedes a future filled with possibilities. Dedication helps you grow and when you grow, you expand your vision, you attract more options, you open your opportunities, and you maximize your potential.

While you exercise dedication daily, you will also

have to practice patience. New things are usually difficult before they become easy and unfortunately, difficulty often serves as a deterrent for many of us.

In fact, most of us never come to realize how close

we actually are to achieving our goals and dreams because we give up too soon.

Every achievement we value takes time and dedication. The people who grow and achieve the most are the ones who practice the power of patience and persistence. Inspirations Address: 11901 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60643 Phone: (773) 568-2282 www.cutemple.org