Using social media successfully in 2017 The experts discuss trends to watch

3/1/2017, noon | Updated on 3/1/2017, noon

Using social media successfully in 2017 The experts discuss trends to watch

By Christopher Shuttlesworth

Business Wire and Black Public Relations Wire recently held “a best practices webinar,” entitled “Social Media: Trends To Watch For 2017.”

The webinar featured a distinguished panel of accomplished social media professionals, marketers and digital influencers who shared their insights and tips on social media trends business owners should watch for in 2017.

The VIP Guest Presenters were Senior Vice President and Executive Editor-at-Large, Black Enterprise Alfred Edmond Jr., Founder of SistaSense LaShanda Henry, Founder of #blkcreatives and Ebony’s Senior Social Media Manager Melissa Kimble, Director of Boston

Market’s Digital Marketing and PR Stephanie Tavares-Rance and Howard University’s Assistant Professor of Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communications Dr. Erica Taylor Southerland, according to Black PR Wire Newsroom’s press release.

Henry, a 16-year web-designer discussed and explained four core areas in social media that entrepreneurs should be aware of which includes video marketing, storytelling, social shopping and social content.

“Across all social platforms even on twitter, more and more videos are becoming popular,” Henry said. “Live streaming is very popular. [But] some people aren’t ready to be live, but you can do video conferencing or you can do face-time from your phone.”

Henry said everyone should use social tools or apps that work well for their brand and client.

“Think about the style of video and the platform that works best for you,” Henry said.

“Think about the right tools. A tripod [with a camera] is very essential and a mobile mount or Bluetooth remote. And no more “inbox me…” everyone should have an online store so your clients can buy your products.”

Edmond Jr., said the main goal anyone should have while using social media in any form is to “Don’t Play Yourself”.

“There are more tools than ever and power than ever, but it’s very mindful on how you represent yourself and with everything that is going on, you can get lost in that,” said Edmond Jr.

You have to be real, transparent and authentic and figure out how you can cut through the clutter of social media, he said. Live-stream video feeds on social networks will

continue to grow in importance and influence the world, he added.

“If you’re some place I can’t get to, I will watch the [live video],” Edmond Jr. said. “Sixty seconds with the right person will make you watch.”

Southerland pointed out that in order for small businesses to grow and expand they should only share content to other social media influencers who care about the things they care about and vice versa.

“For nonprofits that have a small staff, sometimes planning content long-term can be tedious,” Southerland said. “So, using free scheduling on Twitter or Instagram will be helpful to making sure your content goes out at an ideal time of the day so you’re getting noticed,” Southerland said.