Entrepreneur, author and philanthropist, Holly Robinson Peete discusses juggling a multi-faceted life

3/1/2017, noon | Updated on 3/1/2017, noon
Being glamorous and leading a ‘real’ life might seem like contradictory concepts, but it’s all a day in the life ...
Holly Robinson Peete Photographer: Andrew MacPherson

While Robinson Peete has a wonderful family and many achievements, her life has not been without challenges. When her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, her world changed. “My dad [has] been gone for 14 years now, but his struggle with Parkinson’s led us to a life of service,” said Robinson Peete. Inspired to help those

affected by Parkinson’s, she and Rodney founded the HollyRod Foundation in 1997. After their son, RJ, was diagnosed with autism they expanded the mission of HollyRod to also provide support and

resources to families affected by autism. To help raise funds for the foundation, every year they hold events such as DesignCare - and fashion and entertainment are very much on the agenda.

While fashion is a highlight of DesignCare, HollyRod, most importantly, has been able to help many people thanks to the support of dedicated friends and sponsors. “We’re really blessed to have great

partners,” said Robinson Peete. “One in 68 kids are affected by autism spectrum disorder. It’s on the rise and what happens is a lot of these children have no access to therapy services or any compassionate care

and the same with Parkinson’s,” she said.

“It’s really rewarding to give back.” she said. “We’ve been really blessed to be able to pay it forward.” For more information about

DesignCare and the HollyRod Foundation visit www.hollyrod.org.