1/18/2017, 6 a.m. | Updated on 1/18/2017, 6 a.m.
The Refuse Fascism group is calling Donald Trump's presidency a fascist administration and they are on a mission to squash ...
Tedd Sirot, Initiator for the Refuse Fascism group in Chicago speaks at a recent protest held at the Chicago Club located in the loop. Photo Credit: Gregg Greer


By Safiyyah P. Muhammad

The Refuse Fascism group is calling

Donald Trump's presidency a fascist

administration and they are on a mission to

squash it.

According to Chicago Refuse Fascism

Initiator, Tedd Sirota, Donald Trump’s

presidency will be run by a fascist dictatorship.

"What we’re saying is that there are many

definitions of fascism, and if you look it up, you

will see that Donald Trump fits these character

traits. The most dangerous thing about it is

this ‘marriage of convenience’ that Trump has

put together between his unbridled capitalism

and the Christian fascism of Mike Pence. He

has whipped up the most racist statements in

society and unleashed them on Black people,

Muslims, the press and now he is attacking

the arts on Twitter. The signs are clear. The

evidence is clear,” Sirota said.

The Refuse Fascism Group plans to

galvanize marches and rallies to protest

Trumps presidency before January 20th,

and according to Sirota the “wait and see”

approach after Trump becomes president

might be too late. He said, “The lessons that

we’ve learned from history is that we can’t wait

and see. By the time you’ve done waiting and

seeing, it’s too late for you to resist. There are

tens of millions of us who oppose this kind of

inhumanity forced upon us. What weneed to do is get up, rise up, be heard and get in the street and be

unruly. We need to let the system know

that we are not going to go along with

this. We don’t know what is going to

happen in this new cycle (of Trump’s


Recently, a press release stated

that Co-Initiator Carl Dix and several

protestors disrupted Senator Session’s

confirmation hearing and were

removed in handcuffs. The press

release stated that Dix was dragged

out of the hearing saying, “We refuse to

accept a fascist America. We must be in

the streets starting January 14th to stop

the Trump-Pence fascist regime from

coming to power.”

Sirota stated that people from all

sectors of society should be concerned

about the threat of an incoming fascist

government. He said, “We all should

show concern because what we face

right now is fear. You might fear of

being deported, or if you are a Black

and walk down the street with a hoodie

on, you might fear of being shot in the

back while walking down the street by

the police. There are so many different

communities that are under threat.”

Sirota, who is a jazz and reggae

musician stated that several celebrities

are involved in the Refuse Fascist

movement including Laila Hathaway,

Rosie O’Donnell, Alice Walker, Rapper,

Chuck D, Comedian Margaret Cho,

Debra Messing, among others.

To learn more about the Refuse

Fascism movement visit www.