Website Helps Visitors Improve Black Economic Conditions

2/15/2017, noon | Updated on 2/15/2017, noon
On Thanksgiving Day of 2015, Fred Bethel and Tavares Bethel (brothers) were discussing the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the many shootings ...
Freedom Ties Co-Founder Tavares Bethel presents a check to Maeva Jackson, founder of Black World Books, who received the majority votes which awards her half the sales generated from the December sales on FreedomTies.com.

Website Helps Visitors Improve Black Economic Conditions

Killeen, TX - On Thanksgiving Day of 2015, Fred Bethel and Tavares Bethel (brothers) were discussing the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the many shootings of Black men across America as well as the deplorable conditions surrounding Black communities.

With approximately 46 million Black Americans in the U.S. that generate roughly 1.2 trillion dollars in the purchase of goods and services yearly within this country, it’s alarming to know that a group of people can generate such wealth and, yet, only possess 13 cents of wealth to every dollar of wealth obtained by White Americans.

The primary reason behind this economic imbalance is that of the 1.2 trillion dollars generated by Black Americans, only 3% of that money ever comes back into Black communities.

For this reason, Fred and Tavares Bethel decided to stop talking about the problem and actually do something about it.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2016, the brothers launched a website called FreedomTies.com that is designed to be “by the people to build a people”.

FreedomTies.com is an innovative approach that utilizes the principles of online business and combine them with the techniques of pop culture TV programming such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent and all other shows that give their audience the power

of the vote to choose a winner.

FreedomTies.com is designed to provide an array of high quality silk ties at a reasonable price in which half of the proceeds from the purchase of such ties will be granted to a community need, charity, unique family situation, etc.

The decision of where these funds will be directed to would be determined by the majority vote of those who register on the Freedom Ties website. These donations will be awarded each month providing a scheduling of 12 charitable donations per year. In addition, individuals will be able to submit ideas of organizations, fund raisers and special causes that are in need within their community. These submissions will also be presented for vote to those registered on FreedomTies.com so as to narrow the selection

down to the top four. These top four will then be presented for final voting. Thus, each month there will be two voting’s, a preliminary and then a final.

Once a vote is made and an organization or special need situation has been determined, half of the proceeds that were collected for the month from the purchasing of Freedom Ties will be sent to such organization or special need situation in the form of a check. “It’s a simple concept, when you think about it, that will allow our Black communities to better take control of how their dollars are being utilized”, says Fred Bethel. “I’m pretty sure Dr. King’s dream was

not only for us as a people to gain civil freedoms but economic freedoms as well”.

FreedomTies.com is already making a difference. Just recently Tavares Bethel was able to present a donation check in the amount of $700 on behalf of the purchases made from the site during the month of December to Maeva Jackson, founder of Black World Books, a center where children can learn more about their black

heritage and explore the reality of the black existence through books. “What if we sell 1,000 ties or 10,000 ties or even 1 million ties; if a million ties were sold that would be 10 million dollars going back into our Black communities”, says Tavares Bethel.

As the website gains traction, more and more people are realizing the importance of getting “tied up” in this movement so as to help make a change within their communities.

Those who visit the site are not even required to make a purchase in order to be part of the voting process; allowing everyone the opportunity to do their part in helping make a


To learn more in how you can get “tied up” in the movement, visit www.FreedomTies. com.