Civil Rights Attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. Named Harvest Male “SWAG Man of The Year”

2/8/2017, noon | Updated on 2/8/2017, noon
Charles F. Coleman, Jr. will once again “lead by example” in a most stylish fashion as the first recipient of ...
Charles F. Coleman, Jr .

Civil Rights Attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. Named Harvest Male “SWAG Man

of The Year”

NEW YORK - Charles F. Coleman, Jr. will once again “lead by example” in a most stylish fashion as the first recipient of the Harvest Male 2017 SWAG Man of the

Year Award, a recognition that celebrates a community advocate whose style is set apart from the ordinary. This honor calls attention to a distinguished man who brings purpose and presence to the fore front.

With regular appearances providing legal commentary and analysis on major

media outlets including CNN and MSNBC, Huffington Post Live, Fox 5 News (NY) and many other television, radio and web outlets, Attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. has become a powerful voice for social change, all the while being a style trendsetter. The former Brooklyn, NY prosecutor has become an avid civil litigator with an extensive portfolio in community mobilization and empowerment. In addition to his impressive career , Coleman maintains an eclectic style and culturally fluid sophistication that allows him to work effectively in the courtroom, on camera and in the neighborhood.

Charles F. Coleman Jr. epitomizes what we were looking for in the selection of our SWAG Man,” noted Andrea L. Henderson, Managing Principal of the Harvest Male brand. “The Harvest Male SWAG Man is Stylish, Wise And Generous and Charles represents each component in his appear ance and manner all while being commit ted to making positive social change.” The Harvest Male brand, that was inspired by three generations of men who work tirelessly to be their best selves, both in terms of style & substance; offers a small but growing product line that currently includes bow ties, neckties, pocket squares & socks. “ The selection committee felt that Charles’ body of work serves as a kind of homage to those men who inspired the brand and to all men who feel that it is equally as important to look good as it is to do good,” added Henderson.

The trendsetting Coleman has broadened his empowerment scope to call attention to a missing link in the “Black Lives Matter” platform – providing a safe harbor for dialogue for Black Males who are doing positive and productive things in their communities, but whose voices are lost in the discussions in the world around them. After years of introspection, outreach and development, Coleman recently launched

Black Brilliance 360, which is a web series consisting of original and in-depth

conversations involving a diverse group of Black men who explore the concept of “Black Brilliance 360” through the male lens. “Black Brilliance 360 represents a

conversation that crosses generations and geographies and encompasses Black men because our “swag” is constantly imitated and too often, only negatively represented in the media,” stated Coleman. “This is not to diminish anyone else’s shine, but it is designed to re-emphasize the brilliance in our own that is evidenced in the historic contributions that Black men have made and

continue to make to the society as a whole that is too of ten undocumented.”

Style and fashion are important components for Coleman and the Black

Brilliance 360 model and matched by his excitement regarding this recognition. “I am so honored to receive this a ward and welcome the opportunity to align with H arvest Male in the development of my SWAG Box. This will further the example of Black Brilliance 360 through attire that also empowers; because

how you look plays a vital role in how you are viewed in the community.”