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Over the last 500 years, Black people from Africa, and their descendents have fully participated in the development of the ...
Calvin Flowers, president & founder of the Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO), has assisted more than 11,000 local residents in understanding how inventions and patents work. Flowers founded Tel-Loc, a company that invented a device that locked touch tone phones and internet services. Flowers Security Jacks invention sold over $1 million dollars worth in Walgreens. Photo Credits: Duane Salve

ideas got stolen, or we didn’t know how to market our


Through CIO, Chicago native, Lawrence Glenn,

owner of GPK Associates Inc. invented a compact disposable urinal container, called “One For the Road,” which according to Glenn, will appear in big box stores beginning in February. Recently, Glenn’s invention was on display at the Chicago Inventors’ monthly meeting. Glenn stated that it had taken more than eight years to perfect his invention, but offers encouragement to inventors to never give up on their dreams.

Creator of the wrap braid technique and a

member of the Chicago Inventors Organization

since 2003, Frances Simmons of Chicago stated that

becoming a member of the inventors’ organization

is beneficial and provides support for those seeking

to take their inventions to the next level. “Being

a member of the organization has helped me to

understand that when you do go forth to create

inventions, you just can’t sit on the ideas, you must

move forward and take your ideas to the next level.

Membership opens doors, but you still have to work

to get your invention out there.”

And what about budding entrepreneurs? Flowers

said CIO has a youth initiative component that

inspires children to become inventors as well.

“Our goal is to plant innovative seeds to inspire

young children to become inventors so they the can

start thinking about how they can make money. It is

our mission to start these types of projects.”

For more information about the Chicago

Inventors Organization, please log on to www.

chicago-inventor.org. To order the book “Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success,”

visit, globalblackinventor.com or send an email to kcholmes50 @ gmail.com or info@ globalblackinventor.com .

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