Register for City Colleges of Chicago’s Fall 2017 Semester by August 21

8/16/2017, noon | Updated on 8/16/2017, noon
Chicagoans can register now for the Fall 2017 semester at City Colleges of Chicago (CCC). CCC is the largest community ...

Register for City Colleges of Chicago’s Fall 2017 Semester by August 21

Chicagoans can register now for the Fall 2017 semester at City Colleges of

Chicago. CCC is the largest community college system in Illinois. The registration deadline for the 16-week Fall term is Monday, August 21, 2017, with classes beginning Monday, August 28.

CCC courses are offered during the day, in the evening, on weekends, and also

online. It is now easier to apply, using CCC’s enhanced application page (www. ccc.edu/apply). Visitors to www.ccc.edu/ apply will find step-by-step application instructions, whether they are interested in certificate and associate degree programs,

continuing education or free programs for high school students.

For those unsure of their career goals or still deciding what to study, CCC’s online

“Student GPS” tool (Guided Pathways to Success) is available via the new page and

helps applicants learn about the career paths that are expected to have more than

600,000 job openings in the Chicago region over the next decade.

Through CCC’s College to Careers initiative, each City College has been designated a “Center of Excellence” in one or more of these high-demand industries: advanced manufacturing (Daley College), business and professional services (Harold Washington

College), construction (Dawson Technical Institute at Kennedy-King College), culinary and hospitality(Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute at Kennedy-King College), healthcare (Malcolm X College), transportation, distribution and logistics (Olive-Harvey College), education, human and natural sciences (Truman College), and information technology (Wright College).

City Colleges has developed partnerships with more than 200 corporate and university partners to revamp its curriculum and facilities in these fields, and more than 4,000 students and alumni have secured a job or internship.

Chicago Star Scholarships are available to graduates of Chicago Public Schools who meet eligibility requirements. Chicago Star Scholarships provide recipients with free tuition and books as they pursue an associate degree at City Colleges.

Chicago Star Scholars are also eligible for scholarships and bachelor’s degree transfer opportunities offered by four-year colleges and universities in the Star Scholarship Partnership program. City Colleges of Chicago graduates who are part of the STAR Scholarship program have received more than $1 million in scholarship offers from four year colleges and universities, along with financial, academic and advising supports.

By completing an associate degree at City Colleges, students can save tens of thousands of dollars when they transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at a four year

college or university. City Colleges has more than 60 transfer partnerships with four-year colleges and universities, helping students transition to bachelor’s degree programs nationwide.

Some of the newer degree and certificate programs include three at Harold Washington College: Banking (Basic Certificate), Paralegal (Associate in Applied

Science) and Human Resources (Basic Certificate).

Malcolm X College also introduced a new degree program: Physical Therapy

Assistant (Associate in Applied Science).

In addition, Child Development programs across City Colleges have been

revised to align with updated industry credential requirements.

In addition to certificate and associate degree programs, CCC also offers free Early College programs for high school students, as well as free English as a Second Language (ESL) and high school equivalency instruction through GED and, new this year, the HiSET test.