8/9/2017, noon | Updated on 8/9/2017, noon
“Someone told me ‘people are being shot in the morning in broad daylight and it’s not even curfew hours.’ But ...
Cook County Commissioner Richard R. Boykin, Chicago Police Commander Kenneth Johnson (7th District) and other local leaders held a State of Emergency Tour on July 25, 2017 at Antioch Baptist Church to address gun violence in Chicago. Photo Credit: Christopher Shuttlesworth

be a police officer and be a part of a community started last August.

He explained that the 7 th district has lost 50 of its 400 officers, but has s till managed to lower

the homicide weekly rate in Englewood.

“Englewood, despite what the media or other communities say, is a very vital and rich

community full of good people who just want to raise their children, live their lives in places where

they have grown and prospered,” Johnson said.

He has informed his police district who serves communities like Englewood to engage with

the community residents to form long-lasting relationships.

“I have challenged the officers to be more engaging with the community and not in an adversarial way, but like true partners of this community,” Johnson said. “When they are out and not conducting a legal, lawful activity, then I want them to talk to the neighbors. Get out of your car, say hello and reach out because if we don’t reach out, how do I expect the community reach out?”

Johnson said the community outreach technique will be a slow process because his district is predominantly full of officers that don’t look like the people who live in Englewood.

“It’s a slow process because I can’t come into this community and say this is community policing and this is how your neighborhood should be,” he said. “I challenge you to tell me how safe do you want it? What do you want to see on your block? I know you don’t want to see shootings or

people injured and that’s on me to take care of that.”

Boykins said if anyone sees any criminal activity or is in danger, they can call his office at 312-603-4566.