Where Do We Go From Here?

7/12/2016, midnight | Updated on 7/12/2016, midnight

When you look at the prospects of being able to organize around love, there are more recent examples from which we can learn. President Barack Obama made history when he became the first black president, but his campaign was clearly one of the most well-organized operations in American politics. And while we will always disagree, isn’t organizing around something we can agree on, like safer communities, worth it? It is strategically and collectively possible to organize around principles we can agree on and we have learned from history that it can be done.

A nation divided and fueled by hate has failed over and over again and it will fail again if things stay the same. So where do we go from here, America? Where do we go from here Chicago, Dallas, South Carolina, New York, Minnesota, and Louisiana? And to the people victimized and caught up in this world wind, what will YOU do to change things? Will you just sit and wait until it happens again?

The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group Inc. is holding a panel discussion on violence and race relations in America. Will you join the effort? Will you be a part of the solution? Stay tuned for more details. It’s an important discussion America needs to have.