Groupon Partners with Bronzeville Retail Initiative

8/9/2016, midnight | Updated on 8/9/2016, midnight
Job creation and opportunities for African American’s are always the main topic of conversation for any plausible solution to all ...
The Bronzeville Retail Initiative located at 3757 S. Wabash was formed with the goal in mind to introduce people to the robust businesses, shops and rich cultural experiences the community has to offer. Photo courtesy of the Bronzeville Retail Initiative

Groupon Partners with Bronzeville Retail Initiative

By Monique Smith

Job creation and opportunities for African American’s are always the main topic of conversation for any plausible solution to all that plagues the black community. A good start to the economic upswing for many communities is supporting local business. Black businesses rely on the support of the communities in which they operate and do business. Chicago –based company Groupon and the Bronzeville Retail Initiative have joined together to launch ‘Explore Bronzeville’ which is a neighborhood wide Groupon promotion featuring opportunities to shop and explore more than 15 local businesses in Bronzeville.

Aaron Cooper, Senior Vice President of North America Services, Groupon said, “What makes our city’s 77 neighborhoods unique and special are the amazing local businesses that line their streets and create hubs, energy, and connections for their communities. As a local company, we’re thrilled to feature an entire collection of merchants from one of our city’s most historic areas because when these local businesses thrive, neighborhoods win.”

The businesses featured in the Explore Bronzeville collection include; Bronzeville Jerk Shack, Brown Derby Jazz Revue, Yassa African Restaurant, Forever Yogurt, The Renaissance Collaborative, Chicago’s Home of Chicken & Waffles, Chicago Playpen, Simply Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches, Tangible Things, Harold’s Chicken Shack, Some Like it Black Creative Bar & Café, Bronzeville/Lakeshore Pamper Suite, Lashed By Kris, Success Barber Salon, Armour Salon, RocNStyles Beauty Loft, Combat and Full Video Production Services. In addition to supporting the local business in Bronzeville, Groupon is providing impact grants for merchant pop-up events taking place the third weekend of each month from now through September.

The purpose of these pop-up events is to give merchants exposure and showcase the creative potential of vacant storefronts in Bronzeville by utilizing the space and incubating emerging business owners. Each event will have 4 to 10 local merchants that have all have a goal of drawing residents and visitors to the space. The Bronzeville Retail Initiative was started in 2009 as a sub sector of the recently formed Bronzeville Alliance which was a group of Bronzeville residents that was committed to the economic, social and cultural development of the neighborhood.

The Bronzeville Retail Initiative was created with a goal of facilitating the development of thriving, walkable retail corridors in the community. This would be a revitalization of Bronzeville’s rich retail and entertainment history. Another arm of this undertaking is the Renaissance Collaborative in Bronzeville and it helps provide housing and jobs to the homeless population of Bronzeville.

Executive Director of the Renaissance Collaborative and the Bronzeville Retail Initiative Patricia Adams said, “Their (Groupon) intimate and individual consultations, along with a robust set of mobile tools, will give the businesses in our area a great and inexpensive way to attract and retain new customers. We’re glad to have a champion in Groupon.” As an extension of the Explore Bronzeville collection, Groupon is offering the ability to donate $10 to the Renaissance Collaborative. The Groupon deals won’t last long and to sift through the entire Explore Bronzeville Groupon Collection, shoppers can visit http://www.groupon.com/bronzeville.