Willie Wilson Running for President

“I’m Living Proof of the American Dream”

Deborah Bayliss | 6/3/2015, 12:44 p.m.
It’s official. Millionaire businessman, Willie Wilson, announced with his wife by his side, during a Monday morning news conference held ...
Millionaire businessman, Willie Wilson is running for president. If elected he promises to forgive all student loan debt. Photo by Deborah Bayliss

It’s official. Millionaire businessman, Willie Wilson, announced with his wife by his side, during a Monday morning news conference held at Chicago Baptist Institute, 5120 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, in Chicago, that he is a 2016 presidential candidate.

“I am here today to announce that I am running for president of the greatest country in the world…the United States of America,” said Wilson as he stood at the podium surrounded by clergy and a host of supporters. I will work hard to earn the citizens votes and I’m running with the understanding of where I come from. We must re-brand and reform our nation so that we can be the greatest country that we can be.”

When asked why not run for a lower office after getting only 10 percent of the vote during his run for mayor of Chicago, Wilson said, “Why not run for president. I was not brought here to start at the bottom. We didn’t lose the mayor’s race because we were able to bring a lot of issues to forefront and the same will be true as I run for president.”

Wilson said that people are in pain and that he’s heard the cries of despair and that voters feel they’ve been tossed aside by both parties. He also said that he decided to get in the race for president because he believes in the common man and woman.

“I’ve looked over the field of other candidates and I don’t believe there is one who really understands what the people want and what the people need. I believe America has lost its way. Many of our citizens have lost trust in our government and lost confidence in most political leaders. All of the opinion polls prove it.”

In terms of the pressing issues he’ll tackle as president, Wilson said he’ll direct the u.s. Department of Justice to work with local police and community leaders to develop comprehensive plans to end violence; forgive all student loan debt; provide free health care for those who cannot afford it and no taxes for seniors over 65.

One way Wilson plans to fund the above mentioned measures is by cutting back the military budget.

“We cannot continue to be the police of the world and grow our economy at the same time. We all know that war is an expensive proposition. As we focus on “America First,” I will push to reduce foreign aid. I believe we can recover at least $5.5 billion from foreign aid and give a portion of it to rebuilding Ferguson and Baltimore, instead of Baghdad.”

Wilson is a Democrat but is not keen on party labels.

“Make no mistake, I am running as the anti-tax Democrat. I strongly oppose putting more taxes on hard-working people who are doing all they can to feed their families and keep a roof over the heads. Our people want a stronger economy with plenty of jobs and equal access to those jobs and contracts,” he said.

Wilson added he is for equal pay for women who do the same work as men, growing more small businesses, improving the education system, and addressing crumbling infrastructure that in turn will create thousands of jobs.