Alderman Sawyer Supports "No TV Week"

citizen | 4/3/2013, 10:57 a.m.
With the onslaught of popular reality television shows depicting violent, outrageous, and outlandish behavior amongst...
Ald. Roderick T. Sawyer (6th Ward)

With the onslaught of popular reality television shows depicting violent, outrageous, and outlandish behavior amongst young African American men and women, it is no wonder why Chicago's sixth ward alderman, Roderick Sawyer, is supporting No TV Week 2013.

No TV Week 2013 begins April 8 and runs through April12. The project was initiated by the Acts of Love organization which was founded by sixth ward resident William E. Hall. The 6th ward has partnered with Acts of Love in the past on highly successful book drives.

Sawyer and Hall are encouraging families to not watch television during No TV Week, a plan they believe will yield positive results, especially if families replace television time with an activity or an event.

"No TV Week is week for imagination and for love to saturate homes across Chicago," Hall said. "Turning off the television for one week, and spending time as a family will start what we hope are new family traditions that can improve the character of young people and the conditions of homes across the city of Chicago."

Alderman Sawyer joins at least 3 public schools, multiple community organizations and a growing number of residents in supporting No TV Week.

"At a time where there are so many issues going on in our community, there is no better time for a project that focuses on re-establishing family connections," Sawyer said in a press release.

The No TV Week movement has migrated outside of the Chatham neighborhood and crossed into the Englewood area.

Aysha Butler, President of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.) who is also supporting the event added, "R.A.G.E. is in complete support of No TV week because too often our young people are being raised by reality shows, videos, etc. who does not always have their best interest in mine. No TV Week will give families and young people the opportunity to genuinely connect without any distractions, which we feel should happen more frequently especially in our communities."

Here is a suggested list of activities to engage in during No TV Week.

*Monday - Arts and Crafts project t

*Tuesday - Prepare a family meal together

*Wednesday - Family history night

*Thursday - Story telling time

*Friday - Game night

For additional information on No TV Week 2013 please visit www.NoTVWeek.com

By Larissa M. Tyler