Faith Community Standing Behind Jailed Father

citizen | 1/4/2012, 4:59 p.m.
Andre Curry rang in the new year behind bars at Cook County Jail....
"I did it as a joke. I love my daughter and I would never do anything to hurt her," Andre Curry told the Chicago Citizen in an exclusive statement. I prayed and asked God to send me an angel to help me.

Andre Curry rang in the new year behind bars at Cook County Jail.

Hes been locked up since Dec. 21 when he was arrested after he

This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back, Curry wrote on his Facebook page above the pictures that went viral online.

Curry has called binding the girl and posting the pictures a mistake and now some in the faith community are rallying to his defense.

Led by Torrey L. Barrett Sr., assistant pastor at Life Center Church of God In Christ, Concerned Citizens for Andre Curry want the judge in this case, Hon. Laura Sullivan, and Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez, to reduce Currys bond, reconsider the charges against him and allow community service to be all or part of his punishment.

I think (Curry) needs to be used as an example that you cant just put anything up on social media without repercussions, Barrett told the Chicago Citizen. Still, the punishment doesnt fit the crime in this case.

Curry is charged with aggravated domestic battery, a felony that could send him to prison for up to 20 years. His bail is set at $100,000 and that has Barrett and his coalition crying foul. They counter with an offer of 500 hours of community service and a public apology. They believe Curry should receive parenting mentoring and tell his story to others as a deterrent.

The Chicago Citizen reached out to Currys attorney, Zakaria Hamilton, but he would not comment on the case.

I wont have anything to say until after Friday because Friday is when I try to get his bond reduced, Hamilton said.

In an open letter to Sullivan and Alvarez, the group called Currys actions a youthful indiscretion they say was done out of ignorance and not malice.

Curry worked at a local Applebees restaurant before being arrested and CCAC say in its letter that posting bail is not simply a financial hardship, its economically impossible. He shared custody of his toddler with her mother.

Neither he nor his family has the means necessary to meet the 10 percent bail. Ten thousand dollars for his family would further place his family and his child in a financial quagmire, the open letter states.

Hamilton said he was aware of the letter but had not read it by Chicago Citizen press time. Still, he added, he had no comment before Fridays hearing.

Barrett met personally with Curry at the jail and said the 21-year-old was emotional when he talked about his actions and the charges against him. Barrett said Curry broke down and was apologetic.

CCAC hopes to get 1,000 signatures in support of their appeal to the judge and the states attorney, hoping that the judicial system will make a better example of Curry than sending him to prison.

We ask that Andre is given the opportunity to tell others his story. There are many young adults who could benefit from hearing from this young man. He could share with them how one moment of youthful fun turned into a nightmare for not only him and his family but also his community, the groups letter states.