Property Tax Assistance at CCC Meeting

citizen | 4/26/2011, 1:25 p.m.
by Thelma Sardin...
Community members mingle after the Chesterfield Community Council Meeting last Tuesday evening. (Photo by Thelma Sardin)

by Thelma Sardin

On April 19, the Chesterfield Community Council held its monthly community meeting at the Tuley Park Field House, 501 E 90th Place.

Representatives from the Cook County Board of Review (CCBR), Commissioner Larry Rogers office were present to assist residents with filing property tax appeals.

The deadline for 2010 property tax appeals for Hyde Park Township was Friday, April 22.

The Chesterfield neighborhood is located in Hyde Park Township. The townships boundaries are Pershing Road on the north, State Street on the west, Lake Michigan and the Indiana state line on the east, and 138th Street and the Calumet River on the south. Other communities in the township include Chatham, South Shore, South Chicago and Avalon Park.

Dana A. Pointer, CCBR Analyst said Rogers office attends community events throughout the year to, give people the knowledge and information that they need to appeal their property taxes to make sure they stay at a steady rate.

Pointer informed that the CCBR does not raise taxes. We look at [your rate] and if its fair, we leave it alone and if we see any room for any type of improvement, where we can lower your taxes, then we will do that.

The CCBR is a separate entity from the Cook County Assessors Office (CCAO); Pointer says many people confuse the two agencies.

The CCAO evaluates the value of a property and gives it an assessed value. The CCBR reviews the CCAOs assessment and researches to see if adjustments can be made to a property tax rate.

Pointer added that the CCAO oversees 4.3 parcels of land in Cook County and therefore use a universal formula to calculate property values. The CCBR assesses properties individually and analyzes conditions in a neighborhood where a property is located, such as foreclosure rates.